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Looking to get your medicinal products authorized for the European market? Don’t underestimate the complex regulatory framework of the European Union. From the early stages of development to post-authorization compliance, Bronsing Life Science Consultancy sets your entire regulatory procedure up for success. Learn more about the services.
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Clients of Bronsing Life Science Consultancy benefit from:

  • 15+ years of experience in European Regulatory Affairs
  • A wide network of contacts in the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and National Competent Authorities
  • Member of Global Regulatory Teams for several products in a wide range of Therapeutic Areas

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Regulatory development? EMA strongly values early interaction with developers

The European Medicines Agency says it over and over again: be early with your interaction. Especially for small to medium sized companies, the are many incentives (such as reduced fees) to come early in development.
However, if your business is not established in the EEA, you cannot benefit from SME status, unless you either establish your business in the EEA, or partner with another SME.

Bronsing Life Science Consultancy can be that partner and more. Get in touch today.

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